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Jim "Grandpa" Nelson


My course, "The Basics of Selling" covers the soup and nuts of eBay; everything from the eBay and paypal sign up, to making the sale and cinching the deal! 

I am an Online Success Institute (OSI) Rockstar, having received much of my entrepreneurial education from Janelle Elms, who is an eBay visionary, eBay University instructor and certified business consultant. 

I'm up-to-date on the most recent changes at eBay; from customer service and the DRS ratings to the feedback changes. I offer you access to the vast knowledge I've acquired from being an eBay Shooting Star Powerseller for the past eleven years.

 Forget all the negative press you may have heard regarding the latest eBay changes

I know the eBay landscape, (both the old and the new) and can turn the changes into a bonus to make them work to your advantage! THE BASICS OF SELLING COVERS:

  • Setting up your eBay account 
  • Researching the marketplace 
  • Creating a listing 
  • Choosing your Camera 
  • Taking great photos 
  • Pricing your item 
  • Writing a compelling listing description 
  • Registering with PayPal 
  • Using PayPal to receive payments
  • Monitoring your auction 
  • After the auction closes 
  • Packing & Shipping 
  • Have questions about eBay? 
  • How to sell? 
  • What to sell? 
  • How to avoid being scammed? 
  • How to make money? 
  • Promote your auctions? 
  • Take great photos? 
  • Equipment needed? 

It's a large sea to learn to swim in and I try and cover it all in my classes. Plenty of time for questions and answers at the end of each session should I not cover your particular question. Look forward to sharing my vast knowledge with you and providing an exciting learning experience to help make you a brilliant eBay seller too! Let's talk!



Necessary Tools For Selling On eBay

Here are a few links that are absolutely necessary to get started.

Set Up A PayPal Account


Logan and Grandpa


Grandpa Recommended Links:

Below you will a library of tools that will become invaluable to your eBay Success. Each tool Grandpa recommends, Jim has used in his own business to save time, improve sales and build his business.

Register on eBay
We heard about Squidoo through the website, where we are Roadie Promoter & Manager.

Terapeak Research Tool
An eBay Store is a must for success!
ProStores is a simple way to have a website with a shopping cart ProStores 1 Month Free Trial
VistaPrint FREE Business Cards! FREE Business Cards Plus 14-Day Free Shipping $50+
Skpe gives your customers one button voice access
Squidoo - Blog meets social networking Check out my lens
The Queen's Court - Lynn Dralle helps identify collectibles and shows you how to find treasures hidden at your local garage sale The Queen's Court eBay Community
Sellers Sourcebook
Online auctions can be a tight marketplace. Isn't it time you stood out from the crowd? A professional looking listing is no longer a "nice to have" it is a "need to have."
OneSource A great place to start your product sourcing journey
Bling It! An easy way to create great photos Transform Product Shots!
CloverCity Photo & eBay Supplies
Free Priority Boxes from the USPS  Click here to find the free boxes

Squidoo Lenses

Corelle, Pottery and Enamelware from Grandpa's Trading Company 
A TALE OF TWO ~ HOW WE EVOLVED IN THE COLLECTING WORLD ONCE UPON A TIME.. (1961 to be exact).. Circa 1960, there were two young people who fell in love. They were both children of parents who had been through the great depression. 

Our Wonderful Hurricane-Rescued Golden Retriever, Logan: The Best Golden-Retriever EVER 
Our red, curly-haired Golden Retriever, Logan, is brillant, beautiful, handsome, loving and playful. He is hurricane rescued, after Hurricane Jeanne, in 2005. He was found wondering on the beach of the Florida Gulf Coast after the hurricane...

Fabulous Spanish Moss Facts & Folklores 
Much has been written regarding Spanish Moss and its' interactions with various tales and superstitions. Spanish Moss is one of the "ingredients" used in making voodoo dolls. Many consider Spanish Moss to be "spooky". 

Fiesta Ware Pottery - Recycled, Refurbished, Reinvented! 
This vintage Fiestaware item was assembled in 1986 by my son, a multi-talented artist, craftsman, graphic designer & electrician while he was a graduate student at Ringling Art School/College of Art and Design. In total, he made about a dozen unique...

Creative Customer Service Tips to Address eBay's New DSR Importance 
We can make these DSR star rankings work for us if we get busy now and make some changes. It is not about the actual content of the star ratings, it's more about the buyer's perception of what the stars mean to them!

Creating DELICIOUS Timpano Takes JUST the Right BOWL! 
You'll need the proper enamelware bowl if you want to create the perfect timpano

What's Happening On eBay

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